Ming-Hsiao Tsai

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In this paper, a rigorous design of a brushless permanent-magnet (PM) motor with both lower cogging torque and higher efficiency, using response surface methodology (RSM) with a quantum-behaved PSO (QPSO) operator for a portable electric power drill application, has been presented. To decrease noise and vibration of a slotted PM motor, cogging torque must(More)
Torque ripple is a very essential index for evaluating the effectiveness of a switched reluctance motor (SRM). Many common design strategies for reducing torque ripples of a SRM are (i) changing the excitation trigger angle of stator windings, (ii) delaying the cut-off time of winding excitation, (iii) adjusting the ratio of the arc angle between the stator(More)
In this paper, an optimal design of a high-speed switched reluctance motor (SRM) with lower torque ripple using the Taguchi method for household appliances has been presented. To enhance the efficiency and reduce the manufacture processes of the proposed high-speed double-salient SRM, the soft magnetic composite (SMC) material is adopted. Moreover, to(More)
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