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To explore environmental risk factors for Parkinson's disease (PD) in Taiwan, we investigated 120 patients with PD and 240 hospital control subjects matched with patients on age (+/-2 years) and sex. Based on a structured open-ended questionnaire, we carried out standardized interviews to obtain history of exposure to environmental factors, including place(More)
We have identified and characterized a novel C. elegans gene, ced-12, that functions in the conserved GTPase signaling pathway mediated by CED-2/Crkll, CED-5/DOCK180, and CED-10/Rac to control cell migration and phagocytosis of apoptotic cells. We provide evidence that ced-12 likely acts upstream of ced-10 during cell migration and phagocytosis and that(More)
The etiology of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) involves a complex interaction of genetic and environmental factors. Investigations have shown that environmentally driven epigenetic changes contribute to the etiology of SLE. Here, we hypothesize that aberrant DNA methylation may contribute to the activation of the immune machinery and trigger lupus(More)
The effects of a toxic phospholipase A2 (Fr.Cb) isolated from the venom of Pseudocerastes fieldi were studied on the chick biventer cervicis muscle and the mouse phrenic nerve--diaphragm preparations. In the chick muscle, Fr.Cb (10 micrograms/ml) caused complete neuromuscular blockade without producing contracture or affecting the response of the muscle to(More)
OBJECTIVE The goal was to examine bacterial antimicrobial resistance of recurrent urinary tract infections in children receiving antibiotic prophylaxis because of primary vesicoureteral reflux. METHODS We reviewed data retrospectively for children with documented vesicoureteral reflux in 2 hospitals during a 5-year follow-up period. The patients were(More)
The effects of memantine (50-175 microM) on the post-tetanic potentiation of the twitch tension were studied on the isolated mouse nerve diaphragm preparation. Memantine completely abolished the twitch tension elicited indirectly while it had no effect on the directly elicited twitch tension. Memantine also decreased the post-tetanic potentiation of(More)
AIMS To report the special clinical manifestations and determine the appropriate management of infectious scleral ulceration. METHODS A retrospective study was performed on 30 eyes with infectious scleral ulceration. Information was recorded on patients' age, onset and course of disease, pathogenic organism, clinical presentations, methods of diagnosis,(More)
The effects of waglerin-I, a toxin from Trimeresurus wagleri, on neuromuscular (NM) transmission were studied on the phrenic nerve-diaphragm preparation and triangularis sterni nerve-muscle preparation of mice. The toxin (1.2-4.0 microM) reversibly inhibited the indirectly elicited twitch tension of the diaphragm and decreased the ACh-elicited muscle(More)
BACKGROUND Preterm survivors from the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) are considered to be at risk for some neurobehavioral disorders such as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The current study aimed to explore the relationship between ADHD and premature infants in Taiwan. METHODS A total of 195 children (157 males and 38 females)(More)
To examine the association between anticardiolipin (aCL) antibodies and epilepsy, we investigated the serum titers of aCL antibodies in a total 252 systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) patients recruited in a prospective study. Twenty-one cases with epilepsy which were not attributable to any causes other than SLE were identified after being followed-up for(More)