Ming-Hong Tsai

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BACKGROUND Genomic deletion at tumor suppressor loci is a common genetic aberration in human cancers. The study aimed to explore candidate tumor suppressor genes at chromosome 4q25-q28.2 and to delineate novel prognostic biomarkers associated with colorectal cancer (CRC). METHODS Deletion mapping of chromosome 4q25-q28.2 was conducted in 114 sporadic CRC(More)
The current research explored the effect of anger on hypothesis confirmation-the propensity to seek information that confirms rather than disconfirms one's opinion. We argued that the moving against action tendency associated with anger leads angry individuals to seek out more disconfirming information than sad individuals, attenuating the confirmation(More)
We developed new materials to induce a luxury mindset and activate materialistic values, and examined materialism's relationship to attitudes toward marriage and having children in Singapore. Path analyses indicated that materialistic values led to more negative attitudes toward marriage, which led to more negative attitudes toward children, which in turn(More)
Information security becomes more and more important while the internet communication grows up. The secret image sharing technique, called (k, n) threshold scheme, is a useful method to protect our secret. This technique distributes a secret image to n shadow images preserved by n participants, respectively and we can only reveal the secret image by(More)
Copyright Information: All rights reserved unless otherwise indicated. Contact the author or original publisher for any necessary permissions. eScholarship is not the copyright owner for deposited works. Learn more at This dissertation examines the predictors and consequences of information sharing within groups in three papers. The first paper examines the(More)