Ming-Ho Hsiao

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In this paper, we propose a system that can automatically segment a basketball video into several clips on the basis of a GOP-based scene change detection method. The length of each clip and the number of dominant color pixels of each frame are used to classify shots into close-up view, medium view, and full court view. Full court view shots are chosen to(More)
With the development of wireless network and the improvement of mobile device capability, video streaming is more and more widespread in such an environment. Under the condition of limited resource and inherent constraints, appropriate video adaptations have become one of the most important and challenging issues in wireless multimedia applications. In this(More)
Video structuring is the process of extracting temporal structural information of video sequences and is a crucial step in video content analysis especially for sports videos. It involves detecting temporal boundaries, identifying meaningful segments of a video and then building a compact representation of video content. Therefore, in this paper, we propose(More)
Pitching contents play the key role in the resultant victory or defeat in a baseball game. Utilizing the physical characteristic of ball motion, this paper presents a trajectory-based framework for automatic ball tracking and pitching evaluation in broadcast baseball videos. The task of ball detection and tracking in broadcast baseball videos is very(More)
In this paper, we propose the Content-Aware Fast Motion Estimation Algorithm (CAFME) that can reduce computation complexity of motion estimation (ME) in H.264/AVC while maintaining almost the same coding efficiency. Motion estimation can be divided into two phases: searching phase and matching phase. In searching phase, we propose the Simple Dynamic Search(More)
Despite a lot of research efforts in baseball video processing, little work has been done in analyzing the detailed process and ball movement of the batting content. This paper proposes a novel system to automatically summarize the progress of each batting in baseball videos. Utilizing the strictly-defined specifications of the baseball field, the system(More)