Ming-Han John Lee

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This paper describes a technique for measuring the sheet resistance of thin metallic films at both 130 GHz and dc (0 Hz). The high-frequency measurements were made using dielectric waveguides, and the conventional four-point probe was used for the lower frequency. The two values of the sheet resistance for each sample were then compared. The technique has(More)
As dimension shrinks the volume percent occupied by conventional barrier and liner increases and line resistance (Rs) and via resistance (Rc) increases dramatically. An ultrathin ALD MnN barrier is being evaluated as a single layer barrier for resistance reduction in small structures. >20% and >80% Rs and Rc reduction was demonstrated, while(More)
In this work, a low-resistance and low-cost PVD-TiZrN barrier is evaluated for BEOL interconnect. Comparing to conventional PVD barrier, comparable Cu barrier and Cu wetting properties are obtained. Moreover, up to 55% of via resistance reduction is achieved, with comparable voltage breakdown performance comparing to conventional one.
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