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Efficient routing among a set of mobile hosts (also called nodes) is one of the most important functions in ad hoc wireless networks. Routing based on a connected dominating set is a promising approach, where the searching space for a route is reduced to nodes in the set. A set is dominating if all the nodes in the system are either in the set or neighbors(More)
In the current Web 2.0 era, the popularity of Web resources fluctuates ephemerally, based on trends and social interest. As a result, content-based relevance signals are insufficient to meet users' constantly evolving information needs in searching for Web 2.0 items. Incorporating future popularity into ranking is one way to counter this. However,(More)
Keywords: Imbalanced classification Synthetic minority over-sampling technique Radial basis function classifier Orthogonal forward selection Particle swarm optimisation a b s t r a c t This contribution proposes a powerful technique for two-class imbalanced classification problems by combining the synthetic minority over-sampling technique (SMOTE) and the(More)
Grid computing is the key technology of next generation Internet. A promising way of solving the problem of resource allocation in a grid environment is a procedure based upon resource pricing. In Grid Computing Environment , it is very important how to allocate resources for achieving the goal of high effective utilization of resources. This paper targets(More)