Ming Fu Li

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Paris is famous in China for its medicinal value and has been included in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia. Inaccurate identification of these species could confound their effective exploration, conservation, and domestication. Due to the plasticity of the morphological characteristics, correct identification among Paris species remains problematic. In this(More)
Interaction of interface traps at different sites in p-MOS transistors under electrical stresses was observed. We report the following phenomenon: generation of interface traps in the basewell-channel (BC) region under Fowler–Nordheim (FN) stress causes reduction and migration of interface traps in the drain junction space charge (JSC) region induced by hot(More)
A new differential input CMOS transconductor circuit for VHF filtering application is introduced. The new circuit has a very high frequency bandwidth, large linear differential mode input range and good common mode signal rejection capability. Using 0.35pm CMOS technology with 3Vpower supply, the transconductor has a M.9 V linear differential input range(More)
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