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Melatonin protects against hippocampal injury induced by intermittent hypoxia (IH). IH-induced oxidative stress is associated with decreases in constitutive production of nitric oxide (NO) and in the activity of large conductance calcium-activated potassium (BK) channels in hippocampal neurons. We tested the hypothesis that administration of melatonin(More)
Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) is a non-protein amino acid that accumulates in a number of plant species under various environmental stresses. In this paper, the ability of applied GABA for the alleviation of NaCl stress was investigated in view of growth parameters, gas exchange, photosynthetic pigments, chlorophyll fluorescence, activities of antioxidant(More)
We developed a new approach to test the single-photon emissions of semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) in the optical communication band. A diamond-anvil cell pressure device was used for blue-shifting the 1.3 μm emissions of InAs/GaAs QDs to 0.9 μm for detection by silicon avalanche photodiodes. The obtained g((2))(0) values from the second-order(More)
Photoluminescence ͑PL͒ line shapes in InGaN multiple quantum well structures have been studied experimentally and theoretically between 10 and 300 K. The higher temperature PL spectra can be fitted quantitatively with a thermalized carrier distribution and a broadened joint-density-of-states. The low temperature PL line shapes suggest that carriers are not(More)
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