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Summary form only given. The finite element tearing and interconnecting dual primal (FETI-DP) method, as a nonoverlapping domain decomposition method (DDM), was originally developed to model acoustic scattering of submarine objects. Later, it was extended successfully to solving the vector Maxwell's equations for large-scale electromagnetic problems, such(More)
A fast and accurate full-wave technique based on the dual-primal finite element tearing and interconnecting method and the second-order transmission condition is presented for large-scale three-dimensional photonic device simulations. The technique decomposes a general three-dimensional electromagnetic problem into smaller subdomain problems so that(More)
you can try this book on this site calpoly.edu/~garcher/archer.pdf The finite element method in electromagnetics by Jian-Ming Jin. Article first generalized finite element method, electromagnetic problems. Download The Finite Element Method in Electromagneti The Finite Element Method in Electromagnetics Jianming Jin, Jian-Ming Jin ebook. Format: pdf This is(More)
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