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A virtual multi-element uniform linear array is constructed through fractional lower order covariance matrix of the minimum redundant array in the presence of impulsive noise. Based on virtual multi-element uniform linear array and reconstructed fractional lower order covariance matrix, a novel maximum likelihood (ML) algorithm is proposed. The proposed(More)
To resolve local convergent problem of the standard discrete particle swarm optimization algorithm, a novel quantum particle swarm optimization (QPSO) algorithm that use new move equation is proposed. The proposed algorithm is based on quantum velocity and quantum evolution mechanism with particle evolution principle. The quantum particle swarm optimization(More)
In this paper, an automatic radar waveform recognition system in a high noise environment is proposed. Signal waveform recognition techniques are widely applied in the field of cognitive radio, spectrum management and radar applications, etc. We devise a system to classify the modulating signals widely used in low probability of intercept (LPI) radar(More)
FIR and IIR digital filters design involve multi-parameter optimization, on which some existing intelligent algorithms don’t work efficiently. This paper focuses on employing the proposed differential cultural (DC) algorithm to design FIR and IIR digital filters. DC is a global stochastic searching technique that can find out the global optima of(More)
This paper proposes a low-complexity method to estimate the direction of arrival and polarization based on the polarization sensitive array (PSA) which is composed of cross-dipoles. We built a half-quaternions model through the Cayley-Dickson form to remove the redundant information. Then, the directions of arrival (DOAs) were estimated via the root-MUSIC(More)
The blind separation of audio signal is an important application of blind signal separation technology. The traditional separation algorithm based on neural network is analyzed first in this article. The shortage of it is easy to fall into local minimum, and it causes the limitation of convergence slowly and separation results inaccurate. Then, a separation(More)
A two dimensional (2-D) DOA estimation method is proposed for non-circular sources in this paper. According to the non-circularity of the sources, we utilize both the receiving signal and its conjugate to estimate the DOA angles aiming at expanding the array virtually, which can improve the estimation properties at low signal to noise ratio (SNR) and small(More)
In the paper, the maximum-likelihood (ML) algorithm is employed to resolve the difficulty of direction finding for bistatic multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) radar. In order to obtain the global optimal solution of ML algorithm, the cat swarm optimization (CSO) is used to solve the ML equation, which has the advantages of low computational complexity(More)