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Compared to C60, carbon nanotubes, and graphite, graphene more effectively lowers the dehydrogenation temperature and improves the dehydrogenation kinetics of LiAlH4. With 15 wt% graphene incorporation, the initial hydrogen release temperature is ~80 °C (60 °C lower than that of pristine LiAlH4).
Bulb-shaped field emission lamps (FELs) using carbon nano-coil (CNC) cathodes were fabricated and their performances were characterized. A straight steel wire grown with CNCs was placed on the symmetry axis in the bulb as the cathode. The anode was defined by a Ni film deposited on the bottom hemisphere of a 60-mm-diameter glass bulb. And a phosphor layer(More)
Graphene-supported Pt nanoparticles were prepared by a self-regulated reduction method without using any extra reductive agent. Unassisted reduction of Pt ions by the oxygen-containing functional groups on graphene was demonstrated. X-ray diffraction (XRD) showed a (200) peak of face-centered cubic Pt crystals and energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS)(More)
Fabrication and efficiency enhancement of tubal field emission lamps (FELs) using multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) as the cathode field emitters were studied. The cathode filaments were prepared by eletrolessly plating a nickel (Ni) film on the cathode made of a 304 stainless steel wire dip-coated with MWNTs. The 304 wire was dip-coated with MWNTs and(More)
The electrochemical sensing properties of graphene-based and carbon nanotube (CNT)-based electrodes towards ascorbic acid, dopamine, uric acid, and glucose are systematically compared. Nano-sized Pd catalyst particles are uniformly dispersed on both carbon supports using a supercritical fluid deposition technique to increase the sensing performance. The(More)
A self-focusing field emission (FE) X-ray tube with a large-area cathode design was simulated and fabricated. The designed X-ray tube had a cylindrically symmetric geometry; the diameter of the cathode and the anode was 15 mm, and the cathode-anode distance was 20 mm. Owing to the unique cup-shaped design of the cathode, the electron beam emitted from the(More)
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