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—In this paper, a new two-step approach (detecting and pruning) for automatic extraction of road networks from aerial images is presented. The road detection step is based on shape classification of a local homogeneous region around a pixel. The local homogeneous region is enclosed by a polygon, called the footprint of the pixel. This step involves(More)
We present a curve matching framework for planar open curves under similarity transform 1 based on a new scale invariant signature. The signature is derived from the concept of integral of unsigned curvatures. If one input curve as a whole can be aligned with some part in the second curve then the algorithm will find the requisite starting and end positions(More)
—In this paper, we propose a new framework to visualize hyperspectral images. We present three goals for such a visu-alization: 1) preservation of spectral distances; 2) discriminability of pixels with different spectral signatures; 3) and interactive visu-alization for analysis. The introduced method considers all three goals at the same time and produces(More)
We propose a new image registration scheme for remote sensing images. This scheme includes three steps in sequence. First, a seg-mentation process is performed on the input image pair. Then the boundaries of the segmented regions in two images are extracted and matched. These matched regions are called confidence regions. Finally, a non-linear optimization(More)
In this paper we present a new algorithm to transform an RGB color image to a grayscale image. We propose using non-linear dimension reduction techniques to map higher dimensional color vectors to lower dimensional ones. This approach generalizes the gradient domain manipulation for high dimensional images. Our experiments show that the proposed algorithm(More)
We propose a new method for interactive image color replacement that creates smooth and naturally looking results with minimal user interaction. Our system expects as input a source image and rawly scribbled target color values and generates high quality results in interactive rates. To achieve this goal we introduce an algorithm that preserves pairwise(More)
In this paper, an automatic road tracking method is presented for detecting roads from satellite images. This method is based on shape classification of a local homogeneous region around a pixel. The local homogeneous region is enclosed by a polygon, called the pixel footprint. We introduce a spoke wheel operator to obtain the pixel footprint and propose a(More)
Numerical approximations are considered for a mathematical model for miscible displacement influenced by mobile and immobile water. A mixed finite element method is adopted to give a direct approximation of the velocity, the concentration in mobile water is approximated by an alternating direction Galerkin finite element method combined with the method of(More)