Ming-Chyuan Lin

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the output on the amplitude of the input in a series of simulations, which showed that the peak and the plateau values of the response are nonlinear monotonic increasing functions of J and nonlinear monotonic decreasing functions of I. Together, these results suggest that the circuit encodes the contrast rather than the absolute amplitude of the input. Fig.(More)
Customer-driven product design process is critically an important part of concurrent engineering (CE). Many new principles and approaches, such as quality function deployment (QFD) and axiomatic design, have been introduced to help designers identify the relationship between customer requirements and design characteristics. However, identification of(More)
Customer requirements play an important role in securing the competitive advantages of a company’s new product development endeavors. Based on the concept of quality function deployment (QFD), this article presents a novel procedure to effectively link customer requirements with design characteristics for product design. The proposed procedure comprises an(More)
Article history: Received 18 December 2009 Received in revised form 25 December 2010 Accepted 1 March 2011 Available online 3 April 2011 Because enterprises do not disclose their internal specific cost information to the public and, moreover, every firm has its own product character and financial constitutions, it is difficult to offer fixed guidelines for(More)
An observation operator for Doppler radar radial wind measurements is developed further in this article, based on the earlier work and considerations of the measurement characteristic. The elementary observation operator treats radar observations as point measurements at pre-processed observation heights. Here, modelling of the radar pulse volume broadening(More)
This work has two parts. The first part details the thermal analysis of a thin-film thermoelectric cooler under the influence of the Thomson effect, the Joule heating, and the Fourier's heat conduction. A constant Thomson coefficient, instead of traditionally a constant Seebeck coefficient, is assumed. The influence of the Thomson effect on the cooling(More)