Ming-Chun Yang

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Mitochondrial ferritin (FtMt) is a novel protein encoded by an intronless gene mapped to chromosome 5q23.1. Ferritin is ubiquitously expressed; however, FtMt expression is restricted to specific tissues such as the testis and the brain. The distribution pattern of FtMt suggests a functional role for this protein in the brain; however, data concerning the(More)
Learning-based approaches for super-resolution (SR) have been studied in the past few years. In this paper, a novel single-image SR framework based on the learning of sparse image representation with support vector regression (SVR) is presented. SVR is known to offer excellent generalization ability in predicting output class labels for input data. Given a(More)
This paper presents a novel learning-based method for single image super-resolution (SR). Given an input low-resolution image and its image pyramid, we propose to perform context-constrained image segmentation and construct an image segment dataset with different context categories. By learning context-specific image sparse representation, our method aims(More)
Mitochondrial ferritin (FtMt), a recently-studied iron storage protein, which we suspect is an important defense against oxidative stress in neurons and elsewhere. The 242-amino acid FtMt precursor protein is cleaved to mature protein (of molecular weight about 22-kDa) in the mitochondrial matrix. Compared with the ubiquitously expressed traditional(More)
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