Ming-Chu Lin

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OBJECTIVE To investigate the agreement between self-reported and insurance claim of the utilization of health care. STUDY DESIGN AND SETTING Data were from the Taiwan National Health Interview Survey, conducted in 2001. There were 22,121 (94.2%) individuals who completed the interview, 18,143 of them aged 12 and above. Among them, 87% signed a consent(More)
BACKGROUND Diabetes has been the fifth leading cause of death in Taiwan since 1987, and the complications are a burden to the patients, their families, and society. PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to examine the self-control behaviors of diabetics and associated factors. METHODS Data for this study came from the 2001 National Health Interview(More)
Service innovation for searching creative chef has become an issue of hospitality human resource management (HRM) website. Creative Chef has been the key of competitive advantage not only for culinary industry but also for hospitality HRM website. The purpose of this research is to explore chef’s creativity for the service innovation of hospitality(More)
Recuperation is a traditional Chinese cultural custom for woman who delivered her baby to take a monthly rest at home or recuperation center (a place where offers mother and baby caring services). Recuperation center industry has been blooming because of maternity needs. Due to the social transition, more modern women devote themselves to work instead of(More)
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