Ming-Chiuan Su

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A 10Gbps, 1/5-rate burst mode clock and data recovery (BMCDR) circuit is proposed. The BMCDR is reconfigurable between data gating mode and phase tracking mode to achieve instantaneous phase-locking with jitter suppression for 10 GPON. Incorporating a 1/5-rate CDR with 1:5 demultiplexer, it achieves a high energy efficiency of 1.24pJ/bit. With a 4MHz,(More)
A low-jitter digitally controlled oscillator (DCO) with multiphase differential outputs and good linearity is presented. The DCO is composed of four differential delay cells and can achieve linear tuning over a wide frequency range. The proposed fully differential delay cell comprises logic cells in standard library and varactors. The measured rms jitter(More)
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