Ming-Chin Lin

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Unstructured intangible experiences and knowledge are usually difficult to represent and instantiate, which engenders the hardship of knowledge transfer and sharing. Past marketing plans are such valuable documents containing strategic planning knowledge and experiences. Case-Based Reasoning (CBR), which consists of retrieving, reusing, revising, and(More)
BACKGROUND This paper proposes that interoperability across biomedical databases can be improved by utilizing a repository of Common Data Elements (CDEs), UML model class-attributes and simple lexical algorithms to facilitate the building domain models. This is examined in the context of an existing system, the National Cancer Institute (NCI)'s cancer(More)
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to develop a robot vision system for surface defect detection of 3D objects. It aims at the ill-defined qualitative items such as stains and scratches. Design/methodology/approach – A robot vision system for surface defect detection may counter: high surface reflection at some viewing angles; and no reference markers(More)
With the development of biomolecular technology, there is getting more and more information derived from genome research. Besides, the microarry was introduced to allow people study genome wide pattern of gene expression profile, the scientists have the opportunity to study the function of genes. At the same time, the functional genomic research also brings(More)
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