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The adaptive urban traffic signal control (TSC) system became a development trend of intelligent transportation system (ITS). We investigated the vision based surveillance and to keep sight of the unpredictable and hardly measurable disturbances may perturb the traffic flow. We integrated and performed the vision based methodologies that include the object(More)
This paper presents a distance measurement method based on pixel number variation of CCD images by referencing to two arbitrarily designated points in the image frames. By establishing a relationship between the displacement of the camera movement along the photographing direction and the difference in pixel count between reference points in the images, the(More)
Keeping a safe distance from the car in front of you is important in car accident prevention. This paper presents the use of a single CCD camera to measure the distance to the car in front at night. The distance from the car in front is estimated using the taillight, the license plate (LP), and distance measurement. The two taillights of a car are detected(More)
Multimedia presentation systems require flexible support for the modeling of multimedia content models. Many presentation systems provide the synchronized, sequential or concurrent, and possible interactive, transfer of streams multimedia data such as audio, video, text and annotations using with network facilities. However, our through investigation of(More)
Pollution flashover is the main factor that affects the safety of the transmission line and transformation equipment. Generally, anti-pollution flashover coating is considered to be one of the most effective means to prevent and reduce pollution flashover. Currently, the mostly used anti-pollution flashover coating is the room temperature vulcanized (RTV)(More)
1 This paper investigates the use of ranging data collected from ultrasonic sensors mounted on a two-wheeled mobile robot, Pioneer 3-DX, to build an occupancy grid map for an unknown indoor environment based on fuzzy sensor fusion of the ultra-sonic ranging data. Because of uncertainties inevitably encountered by using the ultrasonic sensors, a more(More)