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Stock price movement prediction is an appealing topic not only for research but also for commercial applications. Most of prior research separately analyzes the meanings of the qualitative or quantitative features, and does not consider the categorical information when clustering financial reports. Since quantitative or qualitative features contain only(More)
Many methods have been proposed for mining protein complexes from a protein-protein interaction network; however, most of them focus on unweighted networks and cannot find overlapping protein complexes. Since one protein may serve different roles within different functional groups, mining overlapping protein complexes in a weighted protein-protein(More)
INTRODUCTION Different immunoglobulin manufacturing processes may influence its effectiveness for Kawasaki disease. However, nationwide studies with longitudinal follow-up are still lacking. The aim of this study was to evaluate the comparative effectiveness of immunoglobulin preparations from a nationwide perspective. MATERIALS AND METHODS This is a(More)
In this paper, we propose an effective clustering method, HRK (Hierarchical agglomerative and Recursive K-means clustering), to predict the short-term stock price movements after the release of financial reports. The proposed method consists of three phases. First, we convert each financial report into a feature vector and use the hierarchical agglomerative(More)
Kawasaki disease is the leading cause of acquired heart disease among children in most industrialized countries; however, only few descriptive studies have discussed the pros and cons of early immunoglobulin therapy. This study aimed to see the effect of early immunoglobulin therapy on Kawasaki disease outcomes. Patients who received immunoglobulin therapy(More)
INTRODUCTION Coronary stenting has previously been considered to be less feasible in children under 12 years old due to the limitation of vascular access. We report the case of a six-year-old boy who successfully underwent stent implantation for his totally occluded right coronary artery. CASE PRESENTATION A Taiwanese boy aged six years and nine months(More)
INTRODUCTION Kawasaki disease is regarded as systemic vasculitis. Many experts believe that not only coronary arteries but also other small arteries are involved during the period of systemic inflammation. However, the evidence to support this point view is limited. CASE PRESENTATION We report the case of a one-year-four-month-old Taiwanese girl whose(More)
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