Ming-Chih Lee

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  • Lawrence B. Kramer, Jaegal Shim, Michelle L. Previtera, Nora R. Isack, Ming-Chih Lee, Bonnie L. Firestein +1 other
  • 2010
The regulation of AMPA-type glutamate receptor (AMPAR) membrane trafficking is a key mechanism by which neurons regulate synaptic strength and plasticity. AMPAR trafficking is modulated through a combination of receptor phosphorylation, ubiquitination, endocytosis, and recycling, yet the factors that mediate these processes are just beginning to be(More)
A protein concentration measurement system with two-port flexural plate-wave (FPW) biosensors using a frequency-shift readout technique is presented in this paper. The proposed frequency-shift readout method employs a peak detecting scheme to measure the amount of resonant frequency shift. The proposed system is composed of a linear frequency generator, a(More)
BACKGROUND Adolescent pregnancy and childbirth are associated with increased risk and challenges for both mothers and birth outcomes. OBJECTIVE To investigate the associations of growth change over time with parenting factors and to compare the differences between children born to adolescent and adult mothers in Taiwan. MATERIALS AND METHODS The dataset(More)
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