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—This paper studies the system uplink outage probability in distributed antenna systems (DAS). Firstly, owing to the complexity of actual wireless environments, this paper establishes a composite channel model which takes path loss, lognormal shadowing and Rayleigh fading into account. Then, the probability density function (PDF) of the output(More)
Great controversy exists regarding the biologic responses of osteoblasts to X-ray irradiation, and the mechanisms are poorly understood. In this study, the biological effects of low-dose radiation on stimulating osteoblast proliferation, differentiation and fracture healing were identified using in vitro cell culture and in vivo animal studies. First,(More)
This paper studies a dual-hop decode-and-forward (DF) relaying system over generalized fading channels which can be modeled by the η−μ distribution and κ−μ distribution. The η−μ distribution includes the Hoyt (Nakagami-q), the Nakagami-m, the Rayleigh and the One-Sided Gaussian distributions as(More)
Channel estimation is a key technology for wireless optical communication (WOC) systems. Based on the training sequence (TS), this article develops three frequency domain (FD) channel estimation approaches for diffuse wireless optical channels. Considering the propagation property of light and the characteristics of optical modulation, this article(More)
This paper studies the impact of hardware mismatch (HM) between the base station (BS) and the user equipment (UE) in the downlink (DL) of large-scale antenna systems. Analytical expressions to predict the achievable rates are derived for different precoding methods, i.e., matched filter (MF) and regularized zero-forcing (RZF), using large system analysis(More)
This letter considers minimum mean square error beamforming (MMSEBF) for the downlink of a multiuser multiple-input single-output (MISO) system with limited feedback, where the transmitter only has quantized information regarding the direction of the channel. We present an improved approach which is robust to the channel uncertainties arising from the(More)