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Brain-machine interfaces (BMIs) use signals recorded directly from the brain to control an external device, such as a computer cursor or a prosthetic limb. These control signals have been recorded from different levels of the brain, from field potentials at the scalp or cortical surface to single neuron action potentials. At present, the more invasive(More)
Sphingolipids are structural components of endomembranes and function through their metabolites as bioactive regulators of cellular processes such as programmed cell death. A characteristic feature of plant sphingolipids is their high content of trihydroxy long-chain bases (LCBs) that are produced by the LCB C-4 hydroxylase. To determine the functional(More)
The capacity to fix nitrogen is widely distributed in phyla of Bacteria and Archaea but has long been considered to be absent from the Pseudomonas genus. We report here the complete genome sequencing of nitrogen-fixing root-associated Pseudomonas stutzeri A1501. The genome consists of a single circular chromosome with 4,567,418 bp. Comparative genomics(More)
The technology of information hiding has developed rapidly in recent years. The number of steganography software has reached more than 200 at present. This paper focuses on the steganography tools¿ algorithms. Based on the analyses of these algorithms, we partition these tools into five categories: (1). Spatial domain based steganography tools; (2).(More)
PURPOSE Accurate staging of mediastinal lymph nodes metastases is critical for determining the application of stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) for patients with early stage non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). In this multicenter study the accuracy of (18)F-FDG PET/CT to detect lymph node metastases was evaluated for early stage NSCLC. MATERIALS(More)
BACKGROUND At least twenty genes/loci were shown to be associated with type 2diabetes in European original populations. Five of these genes were shown to be associated with type 2 diabetes (T2D) in Chinese populations. The purpose of this study was to replicate the association of genetic vairants in the eight diabetes-related genes/loci with type 2 diabetes(More)
We performed a positron emission tomography study, using regional cerebral blood flow as the index of brain activity, to address the specificity of brain activation pattern by acupuncture stimulation of short duration at the classical analgesic point. Needling manipulation at 2 Hz was performed at a classical point of prominent analgesic efficacy (Li 4,(More)
The sphingoid long chain bases (LCBs) and their phosphorylated derivatives (LCB-Ps) are important signaling molecules in eukaryotic organisms. The cellular levels of LCB-Ps are tightly controlled by the coordinated action of the LCB kinase activity responsible for their synthesis and the LCB-P phosphatase and lyase activities responsible for their(More)
BACKGROUND In depolarized myocardial infarct epicardial border zones, the cardiac sodium channel (SCN5A) is largely inactivated, contributing to low action potential upstroke velocity (V(max)), slow conduction, and reentry. We hypothesized that a fast inward current such as the skeletal muscle sodium channel (SkM1) operating more effectively at depolarized(More)
The object of this study was to assess the effects of magnitopuncture applied to Dazhui (DU14) point and Neiguan (PC6) points on sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve activities by power spectrum analysis of heart rate variability in healthy drivers during simulated driving. Using power spectrum analysis, the low frequency (LF) and high frequency (HF)(More)