Ming Che Lee

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Traditionally information retrieval consists mainly of determining which documents of a collection contain the keywords in the user query. However, a growing number of tasks, especially those related to Semantic Web technologies and applications rely on accurately measuring the similarity between documents and online texts. Instead of giving the absolute(More)
This paper presents a grammar and semantic corpus based similarity algorithm for natural language sentences. Natural language, in opposition to "artificial language", such as computer programming languages, is the language used by the general public for daily communication. Traditional information retrieval approaches, such as vector models, LSA, HAL, or(More)
The path length and number of turns are the major factors in path planning of transportation and navigation systems. Shortest path planning has been widely studied in the literatures. Most researches only take the issue of shortest distance into account, and the impact of turns are rarely mentioned, that is, the shortest path may not be the fastest.(More)
A novel sentence similarity measure that based on grammar and semantic corpus is presented. The well-known problem in the field of semantic processing, such as natural language processing, QA systems, expert systems, search engines, etc., is trying to evaluate the semantic similarity between sentences or articles. The major challenge is to evaluate the(More)
Natural language Search is used in Case Based Reasoning Systems for searching the solution to the novel problem. This paper presets the model of case based reasoning system that uses the semantic based case retrieval agent to compare two short texts. The proposed method include algorithms which calculate semantic similarity evaluated using different wordnet(More)
In the present learning cycle, new knowledge learning and known knowledge review are two important learning processes. This paper proposes the review course composition system which adopts the discrete particle swarm optimization to quickly pick the suitable materials, and can be customized in accordance with the learner's intention. As a result, such a(More)
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