Ming-Chang Jeng

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Long duration of driving is a significant cause of fatigue-related accidents on motorways or major roadways. The fatigue caused by driving for extended periods acutely impairs driver alertness and performance and can compromise transportation safety. This study quantitatively measured the progression of driver fatigue and identified the conservative safe(More)
In this study, a desktop virtual reality earth motion system (DVREMS) is designed and developed to be applied in the classroom. The system is implemented to assist elementary school students to clarify earth motion concepts using virtual reality principles. A study was conducted to observe the influences of the proposed system in learning. Twenty-one(More)
The aim of this study is to design and develop a Physically Interactive Learning Environment, the PILE system, by integrating video-capture virtual reality technology into a classroom. The system is designed for elementary school level English classes where students can interact with the system through physical movements. The system is designed to be easily(More)
Visual differences lead to differences in the legibility distances of traffic signs between driving simulators and real road environments. To ensure that the legibility distance in a simulator is similar to that in the real world, this study proposes a theoretical equation for predicting legibility distance and a simple algorithm for determining the(More)
To investigate interference between the sustained and occasional attention required in driving, performance of 36 participants engaged in a focal manual tracking task and a peripheral detection task, representing sustained and occasional attention, respectively, was studied. Error ratio, tracking distance, tracking speed, and root mean squared tracking(More)
In order to explore the selective attention mechanism and the dual-task information-processing model, two experiments were carried out involving a visual search task and a visual detection task. The results showed that the early period of attention selection is controlled in a bottom-up manner. With respect to the dual-task information-processing model, the(More)
INTRODUCTION Fatalities from traffic accidents in less-motorized societies are an important global issue. We aimed to characterize the geographic differences of fatalities in such societies to facilitate the development of targeted interventions. METHOD This study linked police reports, hospital data, and vital registration data from Taiwan with special(More)
Different countries have their own police reporting time standards for counting the number of fatalities in reported crashes. A rapid estimation method (such as adjustment factor) for the comparison is important. The data-linkage technique was used to combine police-reported crash data and vital registration data, in order to generate 30-day fatality(More)
CONTEXT Whether virtual rehabilitation is beneficial has not been determined. OBJECTIVE To investigate the psychological benefits of virtual reality in rehabilitation. DESIGN An experimental group underwent therapy with a virtual-reality-based exercise bike, and a control group underwent the therapy without virtual-reality equipment. SETTING Hospital(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the risk factors contributing to the mortality burden due to road traffic accidents (RTA) in Taiwan. DESIGN We compared RTA years of life lost (YLL) rates of Taiwan with those of the surrounding region. We also investigated the risk factors described by the police in a Linked Database combined from police-reported accident data and(More)