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During embedded software development of complex control system, the calibration is an important approach to obtain optimal parameters of embedded software. Currently, typical calibration systems are with poor adaptability for various controllers which have different communication interfaces and calibration protocols. In order to solve the problem, an(More)
Virtual Reality technology is increasingly being used in mining data visualization, accident simulation, miner training, equipment simulation, and risk evaluation in mining industry. However, little attention has been paid on modeling risk behaviors in underground coalmine. Based on Multi-agent technology, a hierarchical architecture for modeling the risk(More)
Interacting Multiple Model (IMM) estimator can provide better performance over the single model Kalman filter. In multi-sensor system ordinarily, availability of measurement from different sensors is stochastic, and it is difficult to construct uniform global observation vector and observation matrix appropriately in current method. Then an IMM estimator(More)
To improve space target tracking precision and the stability of mobile optoelectronic tracking equipment, an error-space estimation method based on the Kalman filter is discussed, and a simplified algorithm is presented to reduce calculation cost. Based on an available measurement of a space target without sufficient validity and accuracy, the actual(More)
Guidance system can improve the resources utilization of LBS (Location Based Service) system effectively, and the validity of guidance system depends on accurate predicting of the near-future system resources occupancy and its trend. Considering the strong randomicity of short-term characteristic of the trend, a multi-model fusion method integrating(More)
In sensor network, several kinds of information with different characteristics are usually sensed by the sensor nodes, and measurement fusion is performed on sink nodes. When availability of measurement is uncertain, itpsilas difficult to construct uniform global observation vector and observation matrix appropriately. To resolve the problem a measurement(More)
Data Superaddition is main means of data updating of DW (Data Warehouses). With many business intelligence systems now having to integrate just-in-time data to support real-time analysis, to improve the efficiency and real-time performance of data superaddition, a real-time data superaddition method based on triggers is presented. In the method, data(More)
In typical calibration system based on ASAM (Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems) standard architecture, because UI (User Interface) is integrated together with other function layers of calibration system, the requirement of reconstructing UI according to upgrading or changing of the ECUs (Electronic Control Unit) can not be(More)
To improve spatial target tracking precision and stability of mobile photoelectric tracking equipment, state estimation and prediction of the target with high accuracy is necessary. An improved error-space estimate method with time correction is presented to estimate and predict the state of spatial target accurately for the mobile tracking equipment. By(More)