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We report the development of a three-probe manipulator for handling and characterizing the properties of nanoscopic objects. The manipulator is realized using micromachining and nanofabrication techniques. It is powered using thermal bimetallic actuation principle. We developed nanoscale end-effectors to directly interface with nanoscopic objects. The(More)
We report recent development of a three-probe micromachined nanomanipulator for manipulation and in-situ characterization of nanomaterials in scanning electron microscope (SEM). The nanomanipulator consists of three independent probes having thermal bimetallic actuators and nanoscopic end-effectors. Nanoscale end-effectors with sub-100-nm spacing are(More)
The major extracellular protein p60 of Listeria monocytogenes (Lm-p60) is an autolysin that can hydrolyze the peptidoglycan of bacterial cell wall and has been shown to be required for L. monocytogenes virulence. The predicted three-dimensional structure of Lm-p60 showed that Lm-p60 could be split into two independent structural domains at the amino acid(More)
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