Minfang Mu

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The copolymer of beta-casein-graft-dextran was prepared using the Maillard reaction and the acidic solution properties of the copolymer were studied with dynamic light scattering. At pH range 4-5 where is close to the isoelectric point of beta-casein, the copolymer forms micelles which are spherical verified by atomic force microscopy imaging. The size and(More)
Casein is almost insoluble at around pH 4.6, which is its isoelectric point (pI). Grafting copolymer, casein-g-dextran, was prepared through the Amadori rearrangement of the Maillard reaction. The copolymer has a reversible pH sensitive property: micellization at the pI of casein forming a casein core and dextran shell structure and dissociation when pH(More)
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