Minerva Nájera-Martínez

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Goodea gracilis is an endemic fish that only habitats in some water bodies of Central Mexico that are contaminated with cyanobacteria-producing microcystins (MC); however, a lack of information on(More)
Halomethanes (HM) can be immunotoxic in mammals; however, in the fish immune system HM effects are unknown. In the current study, we evaluated the mitochondrial activity (MA) by MTT, induction of(More)
Halomethanes (HMs) can be formed during the chlorination process to obtain drinking water. In liver cells, HMs had been shown to be mutagenic and carcinogenic; however, their bioactivation by CYP 2E1(More)
Diatoms play key roles in primary production and carbon fixation at a global scale and in some cases these species live on marine ecosystems impacted by crude oil (CO) spills. Halamphora oceanica, a(More)
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