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Early Miocene conifer macrofossils from the Most Basin ( Czech Republic )
A systematic overview of the conifer macrofossils (leaves, cones, seeds and wood) from the Lower Miocene of the Most Basin (Czech Republic) is presented and nine natural units (botanical species) areExpand
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Sheep-goat hybrid born under natural conditions.
The paper reports a 5 year old male sheep-goat interspecific hybrid born under natural conditions. The hybrid was castrated at 10 months of age. Karyotype analysis confirmed that the animal was aExpand
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  • 15 December 1995
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在一个 Churg-Strauss 症候群病人的双汽球诊断内视镜检查法的多重小肠的溃疡
Churg-Strauss syndrome(CSS) is a systemic vascular disorder characterized by severe bronchial asthma hypereosinophilia,and allergic rhinitis.Small intestina ulcers associated with CSS are aExpand
Studying Human Leukemic Stem Cells in Mice
Transplantation of human leukemic cells into severe combined immunodeficiency(SCID)mice has been attempted to study leukemogenesis and to develop therapeuticmodalities.Previous models,however,wereExpand
Marrow-derived Stromal Cells Tumor-infiltrating Lymphocytes to Osteoblasts and Bone Constitutive Up-Regulation of Integrin-mediated Adhesion of Updated Version
Tumor-reactive T cells, known as tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte(TIL)s are known to infiltrate various tumors. Although Ills exert cytotoxic activities against tumor cells, only a small percentage ofExpand
Methotrexate is a chemotherapeutic agent which is a member of antimetabolite group drugs, and used in neoplastic diseases such as acute lymphoblastic leukemia, lymphoma and osteosarcoma. MethotrexateExpand
Chevron Folding Patterns and Heteroclinic Orbits
We present a model of multilayer folding in which layers with bending stiffness EI are separated by a very stiff elastic medium of elasticity k2 and subject to a horizontal load P. By using aExpand