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Levodopa administration as a gold standard in Parkinson’s disease (PD) treatment is very valuable, however, long-term administration may cause some motor complications such as abnormal unintended movements and shortening response to each dose (wearing off phenomenon). Dopamine agonists were developed to reduce duration of immobile off periods and dependence(More)
UNLABELLED The interaction of radiation, whether it has natural or artificial, electromagnetic or particle-type characterizations, with materials causes different effects depending on the dose and type of radiation and physicochemical properties of the material. In the medical field, understanding the effect of radiation on a variety of materials including(More)
Among different imaging modalities, Positron Emission Tomography (PET) gained importance in routine hospital practice depending on ability to diagnose diseases in early stages and tracing of therapy by obtaining metabolic information. The combination of PET with Computed Tomography (CT) forms hybrid imaging modality that gives chance to obtain better images(More)
Molecular imaging is a relatively new discipline with a crucial role in diagnosis and treatment tracing of diseases through characterization and quantification of biological processes at cellular and sub-cellular levels of living organisms. These molecular targeted systems can be conjugated with contrast agents or radioligands to obtain specific molecular(More)
Among currently used cancer imaging methods, nuclear medicine modalities provide metabolic information, whereas modalities in radiology provide anatomical information. However, different modalities, having different acquisition times in separate machines, decrease the specificity and accuracy of images. To solve this problem, hybrid imaging modalities were(More)
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