Mindykowski Janusz

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The production of the Λ and Σ hyperons has been measured via the pp → pKΛ/Σ reaction at the internal COSY–11 facility in the excess energy range between 14 and 60 MeV. The transition of the Λ/Σ cross section ratio from about 28 at Q ≤ 13 MeV to the high energy level of about 2.5 is covered by the data showing a strong decrease of the ratio between 10 and 20(More)
Recently, to reduce the residual stress and increase the mechanical properties of a-C:H coatings, metallic nanoparticles have been implanted into their structure. In the present work, to improve the properties of the coating, metallic nanoparticles, including Cu, Nb, Ta, Zr, AgPt and Ag, were inserted into the a-C:H structure. The applied biological and(More)
By means of the COSY-11 detection system, using a stochastically cooled proton beam of the Cooler Synchrotron COSY and a hydrogen cluster target, we have performed a high statistics measurement of the pp → ppη reaction at an excess energy of Q = 15.5 MeV. The experiment was based on the four-momentum determination of both outgoing protons. This permits to(More)
The high statistics data from the pp → ppη reaction measurement, delivered by the COSY11 collaboration, are now being evaluated using the correlation femtoscopy technique. This method is based on the relative momentum correlations of two emitted protons and may permit determination of the size of the reaction volume. For the very first time, we apply an(More)
Measurements on the η meson production in proton-deuteron collisions have been performed using the COSY-11 facility at COSY (Jülich). Here we present preliminary results on total and differential cross sections for the pd→He η reaction at five excess energies between Q = 5.1 and Q = 40.6 MeV. The obtained angular distributions for the emitted η mesons in(More)
P. Moskal⋆,%,∗, H.-H. Adam#, A. Budzanowski$, E. Czerwiński, R. Czyżykiewicz⋆,%, D. Gil, D. Grzonka%, M. Janusz⋆,%, L. Jarczyk, B. Kamys, A. Khoukaz#, P. Klaja⋆,%, J. Majewski⋆,%, W. Oelert%, C. Piskor-Ignatowicz , J. Przerwa⋆,%, J. Ritman%, B. Rejdych, T. Rożek+, T. Sefzick%, M. Siemaszko+, J. Smyrski, A. Täschner#, P. Winter, M. Wolke%, P. Wüstner%, W.(More)
R. Czyżykiewicz1a,b, P. Moskal, H.-H. Adam, A. Budzanowski, E. Czerwiński, D. Gil, D. Grzonka, M. Janusz, L. Jarczyk, B. Kamys, A. Khoukaz, K. Kilian, P. Klaja, B. Lorentz, J. Majewski, W. Oelert, C. Piskor-Ignatowicz, J. Przerwa, J. Ritman, H. Rohdjess, T. Rożek , R. Santo, T. Sefzick, M. Siemaszko , J. Smyrski, A. Täschner, K. Ulbrich, P. Winter, M.(More)
Studies of advanced protective chromium-based coatings on the carbon fibre composite (CFC) were performed. Multidisciplinary examinations were carried out comprising: microstructure transmission electron microscopy (TEM, HREM) studies, micromechanical analysis and wear resistance. Coatings were prepared using a magnetron sputtering technique with(More)
We propose to extend the investigations of the η meson production in nucleon-nucleon collisions by studying single and double polarization observables. Over the last years, the η meson has been studied at several different experiments mainly by measurements of unpolarized total and differential cross sections. To reveal the production mechanism,(More)
C. Piskor-Ignatowicz, J. Smyrski, P. Moskal, H.-H. Adam#, A. Budzanowski$, E. Czerwiński, R. Czyżykiewicz, D. Gil, D. Grzonka%, M. Janusz, L. Jarczyk , B. Kamys, A. Khoukaz#, P. Klaja⋆,%, J. Majewski⋆,%, W. Oelert%, J. Przerwa⋆,%, J. Ritman%, T. Rożek+, T. Sefzick%, M. Siemaszko+, A. Täschner#, P. Winter, M. Wolke%, P. Wüstner%, W. Zipper+ Institute of(More)