Mindy M. Johnson

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This study assesses the impact of life histories on nursing home staff attitudes. Nurse's aides at two institutions answered questions about their experience and knowledge of aging, and rated nursing home residents on a semantic differential (attitude) scale. Aides received one of two versions of an anonymous resident's medical chart, identical except for(More)
Researchers have sought to understand the determinants of the use of in-home and community-based services in order to better serve the needs of older adults. One component frequently included in formal service utilization models is the role of individuals who exert an influence on the service use process. An analysis of in-depth interviews conducted with(More)
This study examined the impact of age on the generation effect using measures of study time, recognition (d prime), cautiousness (beta), and judgment reaction time. Thirty-six younger and 36 older adults studied antonym pairs, half of which were intact and half of which were missing two adjacent interior letters requiring active encoding (generation) to(More)
This study explored the use of process tracing techniques in examining the decision-making processes of older and younger adults. Thirty-six college-age and thirty-six retirement-age participants decided which one of six cars they would purchase on the basis of computer-accessed data. They provided information search protocols. Results indicate that total(More)
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