Mindy B. Statter

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Pelvic fractures comprise a small number of annual Level I pediatric trauma center admissions. This is a review of the University of Chicago Level I Pediatric Trauma Center experience with pediatric pelvic fractures. This is a retrospective review of the University of Chicago Level I Pediatric Trauma Center experience with pediatric pelvic fractures during(More)
The fluid and electrolyte management of the surgical neonate must take into account the acute transition to extrauterine life superimposed on the gradual changes associated with fetal and neonatal maturation and growth. With this transition, there are acute changes in body water distribution, and a striking increase in evaporative losses from the skin and(More)
Prolonged survival was enjoyed by fetal and postnatal testis and midgestational renal grafts transplanted beneath the renal capsule of adult congenic mice, confirming previous findings in nonimmunosuppressed outbred rats (3,5). The strategies that enable immature tissues to escape rejection in a graft survival assay were studied by comparing expression of(More)
This study explores whether fetal allograft survival is age dependent and organ specific. Fetal rat tissue (renal, gonadal, hepatic) from the third trimester of gestation (days 15-21) was transplanted into 306 outbred adult rats for 10-30 days. Grafts were studied by morphometric and histologic analysis. Ten days after implantation, renal tissue (N = 75)(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of our study was to evaluate abdominal sonography for the detection of fluid and organ injury in children with blunt abdominal trauma. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Fifty-one consecutive children with blunt abdominal trauma requiring abdominal CT were prospectively examined with sonography. Sonograms and CTs were independently evaluated by(More)
BACKGROUND Pediatric pedestrian injuries remain a major cause of childhood death, hospitalization, and disability. To target injury prevention efforts, it is imperative to identify those children at risk. Racial disparities have been noted in the rates of pediatric pedestrian injury and death. Children from low-income families living in dense, urban(More)
Abnormal zinc metabolism in a 6-year-old male patient with Landau-Kleffner syndrome (acquired aphasia and convulsive disorder) is the subject of our report. We describe a significant decrease of erythrocyte and plasma zinc levels in the patient as compared with normal. Red blood cell zinc content is normally 38.5 +/- 2.7 micrograms/g hemoglobin v 16.5(More)
Injury prevention strategies for child bicyclists have focused on helmet use to prevent head trauma. Handlebars are another source of injury. A retrospective review from 2005 identified 385 admissions to a Level 1 pediatric trauma center of which 23 (5.9%) were pedal cyclists. Four cases (<1.0%) of handlebar injuries were identified. Three children (two(More)
We evaluated the immunogenicity of the testis by transplanting adult, postnatal, and fetal rat testicular tissue into outbred adult female and male rats for 10 days. Testis grafts were evaluated morphometrically and histologically, and selectively compared to renal grafts previously reported in part. Testis grafts from days 15 to 21 of gestation, and from(More)