Mindi Summers

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A mathematical representation of the energy-requiring processes of protein turnover and Na+,K+-transport in the tissues of growing lambs is described. This model was then used to examine the relative contributions of these processes to ATP expenditure at two different growth rates (90-230 g/d). Protein turnover accounted for 19% of whole-body ATP(More)
The aim of asthma treatment is optimal disease control. Poor asthma control results in considerable patient morbidity, as well as contributing to the considerable burden placed by the disease on healthcare budgets. There is a need for costs to be carefully scrutinised, with the switching of patients to inhaler devices with lower acquisition costs likely to(More)
A mathematical integration of whole-body protein synthesis and degradation based on protein metabolism in 10 individual tissues in growing lambs is described. The tissues represented are adipose, central nervous system (CNS), gastrointestinal tract (GIT), heart, kidney, liver, muscle, pancreatic and salivary glands (PSG), reticuloendothelial system (RES)(More)
Consistent with the increased demand for nutrients imposed by lactation and growth, those tissues directly involved in the digestion, absorption, and processing of the required additional nutrients show response to these states. During lactation, the rumen, upper intestine, and liver increase in size, and more energy is spent on Na+,K+ transport and on(More)
—Delayed biotic recovery from the end-Permian mass extinction has long been interpreted to result from environmental inhibition. Recently, evidence of more rapid recovery has begun to emerge, suggesting the role of environmental inhibition was previously overestimated. However, there have been few high-resolution taxonomic and ecological studies spanning(More)
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We need to know if, as an overall approach to service delivery, case management is delivering on its promises of improving quality, decreasing costs, and increasing access to services. Attempts to do this are hindered by the very limited comparability currently possible between evaluations of case management programs. One cause of this limited comparability(More)
Using dynamic cluster quantum Monte Carlo simulations, we study the superconducting behavior of a 1/8 doped two-dimensional Hubbard model with imposed unidirectional stripelike charge-density-wave modulation. We find a significant increase of the pairing correlations and critical temperature relative to the homogeneous system when the modulation length(More)
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