Minde Zhao

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—Compared with smart spaces addressed previously, the smart vehicle space is quite special. First, unlike room, it is a high mobile space. Second, it requires frequent information exchange with the outer environment; for instance, it may need local traffic information and other local services. The complex vehicle space needs a software infrastructure of(More)
Communication plays an important role in modern automotive system architecture. In order to optimize the AUTOSAR intra-ECU communication, an approach based on mapping runnable entities is proposed to reduce task switching, and avoid communication data inconsistency and time delay. Taking into account the various communication behaviors of all runnable(More)
Electronic textiles, known as computational fabrics, offer an emerging method for constructing wearable and large area applications. Because e-textiles are battery-driven and fault-prone systems, there is a need for developing a dependable infrastructure of the electric networks for e-textiles. In this paper, a new infrastructure of the power networks for(More)
This paper proposes a bidirectional generation method with a set of consistent bidirectional generation rules between SmartC models and codes. Based on these rules, the consistency of the bidirectional generation between SmartC models and codes is demonstrated by a case study. Extensive tests are conducted to show the performance of this bidirectional(More)
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