Minchul Jang

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We report on a novel covalent coupling method using electrochemical activation of hydroquinone monoester self-assembled monolayers. The reaction generates benzoquinone as a good leaving group, followed by nucleophilic acyl substitution with a primary amine to form an amide in high yield. The method allows the site-selective and the reaction-controlled(More)
It is observed that large quantities of hydrogen (H2) are released at ambient temperatures during the mechano-chemical synthesis of the Li-Al-N-Mg-based hydride composites using an energetic ball milling in a unique magneto-mill. For the (nLiAlH4+LiNH2; n=1, 3, 11.5, 30) composite, at the molar ratio n=1, the LiNH2 constituent destabilizes LiAlH4 and(More)
A streamline-based history matching technique is employed to perform fast and efficient permeability identification and to integrate tracer data into an inverse model. To incorporate tracer data into the inverse model, a given tracer breakthrough curve is interpreted as cumulative breakthrough along independent streamlines. Permeabilities are modified along(More)
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