Minchen Wang

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The previous studies have shown that amyloid-β peptide (Aβ) was mainly found in neurons of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease (AD) and glaucoma and little is known about its expression in normal nerve cells. The aim of the present study was to investigate the expression of amyloid-β peptide 42 (Aβ-42) in retinal ganglion cells of the(More)
Up to now, the 'hardwired' neural pathway of the neuro-immune regulation is not fully understood. Here we reported a new neural pathway which links sympathetic nerves with immune cells of the lymphoid tissues. Our results demonstrated that nerve fibers derived from superior cervical ganglion directly targeted only S100(+) cells in the cervical lymph nodes.(More)
OBJECTIVE This study investigates the effects of noradrenaline (NA) on cytoskeletal protein expression of vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs). METHODS VSMCs were isolated from rat aortic tissue and cultured. The cultured VSMCs were divided into 4 experimental groups: (1) control group, (2) NA treatment group, (3) starvation group, and (4) NA(More)
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