Minchao Dai

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A subpopulation of inactive or "silent" dopaminergic neurons has been reported to exist in vivo in rat substantia nigra, comprising up to 50% of nigral dopaminergic neurons. The existence of this large proportion of silent neurons has been inferred from various experimental manipulations, but never demonstrated directly. In the present study, striatal or(More)
Carvacrol is a natural compound extracted from many plants of the family Lamiaceae. Previous studies have demonstrated that carvacrol has potential neuroprotective effects in central nervous system diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and cerebral ischemia. In this study, we investigated the preclinical effect of carvacrol on cerebral edema after(More)
Previous studies revealed that curcumin is neuroprotective in diseases of the central nervous system such as cerebral ischemia and traumatic brain injury. However, the effect of curcumin on intracerebral hemorrhage remains unclear. We, therefore, investigated the pre-clinical effect of curcumin treatment on neurological outcomes following intracerebral(More)
Large clival meningiomas are a major surgical challenge with risks to life and permanent deficit. A 65-year-old man with a meningioma anterior to the medulla oblongata with brain stem compression was operated with far-lateral approach assisted by multimodal neuronavigation and neurophysiological monitoring techniques. Total resection of the tumor was(More)
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