Minaru Kawamura

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In this paper, we investigate the Eddy current (EC) losses in the rotors of surface permanent-magnet (PM) synchronous machines, which have concentrated armature windings. By the finite-element method (FEM) analysis, it is clear that the EC losses in rotors are apparently different at rated currents if the pole and slot combinations are different. The(More)
Composite pulses have found widespread use in both conventional Nuclear Magnetic Resonance experiments and in experimental quantum information processing to reduce the effects of systematic errors. Here we describe several families of time symmetric and antisymmetric fully compensating composite pulses, inspired by the previous Fn, Gn and BB1 families(More)
In this paper, the core losses that occur in a 4-kVA flux-modulating synchronous machine (SM) (FMSM) are investigated using 2-D finite-element analysis, and the results are supported by experiments. A method for reducing the core losses is also presented. The FMSM is a new type of multipole SM in which the stator field magnetomotive force is modulated by(More)
A critical issue for building confidence in the safety case of a HLW geological disposal system is to provide a set of arguments and analyses to demonstrate the stability of the geological environments, taking into account its likely future evolution. In particular for the Japanese disposal programme, arguments on the potential impact of natural events and(More)
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