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Single-Incision plus One Port Laparoscopic Anterior Resection for Rectal Cancer as a Reduced Port Surgery
Background: Only limited data in the literature about single-incision laparoscopic rectal surgery, because the laparoscopic stapler does not allow low rectal transection without sufficient distalExpand
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Multiple Local Solutions and Geomin Rotation
ABSTRACT In exploratory factor analysis, factor rotation is conducted to improve model interpretability. A promising and increasingly popular factor rotation method is geomin rotation. GeominExpand
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Single-Incision Laparoscopic Colectomy Using the Gelport System for Early Colon Cancer
Background Laparoscopic surgery has spread quickly during the past twenty years, and has become one of the important treatments in the field of colorectal surgery. Recently, natural orificeExpand
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A Sandwich Standard Error Estimator for Exploratory Factor Analysis With Nonnormal Data and Imperfect Models
This article is concerned with standard errors (SEs) and confidence intervals (CIs) for exploratory factor analysis (EFA) in different situations. The authors adapt a sandwich SE estimator for EFAExpand
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First-year composition and transfer: a quantitative study
The present study investigated the effect of pedagogical orientation (WAC/WID or ‘traditional’) on transfer by examining the Effect of Pedagogical Orientation on Content-Area Grades. Expand
’ s repository of research publications and other research outputs The AKARI diffuse maps Conference or Workshop Item
We descibe the calibration of maps of diffuse Galactic Plane emission, and present detailed observations of several complexes. We put especial atention on Cygnus X region showing its temperature andExpand
Target rotation with both factor loadings and factor correlations.
Factor rotation is conducted to aid interpretation in exploratory factor analysis (EFA). Target rotation allows researchers to directly examine the match between the rotated factor loading matrix andExpand