Minali Sharma

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A net-based, decision support system for diagnostic assessment and management of psychiatric disorders, developed as part of a telepsychiatry service, which aims to deliver mental health care to underserved population of remote areas in India is described. This paper presents the development and preliminary results of diagnostic validation of the(More)
BACKGROUND A diagnostic tool designed as part of a telepsychiatry application for diagnosis and management of child and adolescent psychiatric disorders in India was developed considering the paucity of trained child psychiatrists and mental health professionals in India. MATERIALS AND METHODS The diagnostic tool consisted of screening and 10(th) revision(More)
OBJECTIVE A modified form of the standard autogenic relaxation exercise was developed as part of a telepsychiatry project, which aims to deliver mental healthcare to remote areas through the net, and through the agency of non-specialists. This study describes the development and evaluation of a brief and simpler form of a relaxation technique, the(More)
A net-based application, which enables users to diagnose and manage common psychiatric disorders independently, was developed. Diagnostic accuracy and reliability of the application were compared with the Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview among 274 adult outpatients. The screening sub-module of the application had high sensitivity, specificity(More)
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