Minal Moharir

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In recent years, wireless communications have evolved rapidly, today being common technology in many applications in military, health, ecological, home and commercial-related areas. In order to cover many more potential applications and unique challenges, several advances in wireless communications have enabled the development of low-cost, low-power(More)
Machine learning is a very powerful domain in the field of computer science. However, a lot of time is consumed in execution and learning from the humongous datasets. In the last decade General Purpose Graphics Processing Units (GPGPU) have revolutionized the computing industry by their capability to process data in parallel and hence speedup the entire(More)
The main objective of the paper is to study The focus of this work is to authenticate and protect the content of HDD from illegal use. The paper proposes an adaptive methods for protecting a HDD based on FDE. The proposed method is labeled as DiskTrust. FDE encrypts entire content or a single volume on your disk. Finally, the applicability of these(More)
The objective of the paper is to develop an proficient and economical method for Hard Disk Drive(HDD) Security. The task is implemented using Full Disk Encryption (FDE) with Advanced Encryption Standards(AES) for data security of Personal Computers(PCS) and Laptops. The focus of this work is to authenticate and protect the content of HDD from illegal use.(More)
The aim of this paper is to understand the dynamics and tools required to develop a software-based L4-L7 traffic generator. The main goal of this paper is to provide a simple, efficient and complete framework for fast packet processing in data plane applications. Conventional techniques of packet processing are rather slow, time-consuming and inefficient.(More)
— Nowadays, well turned-out phones permit us to carry our computers within our handsets with us and Mobile phone Applications became an ever-growing and very spirited field of software production. Microsoft also launched its Windows Phone7 [1] in India. There are lots of new features added to this windows phone. This windows phone 7.5 is code named as(More)
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