Minakshi Gogoi

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Distributed generation units with small energy sources, such as fuel cells, micro-turbines, and photovoltaic devices, are generally connecting to micro grid and distribution grid for improvement of power quality. In distributed system, generation units are connected with micro grid/distribution grid using three phase inverters. The presence of unbalanced(More)
Recently face recognition is attracting much attention in the society of network multimedia information access. The face recognition has been a challenging scientific problem that provides a powerful incentive for processing large volume of data automatically for authenticating people. Independent Component Analysis (ICA) is a method in which the goal is to(More)
—This paper presents an effective method for fingerprint verification based on a data mining technique called minutiae clustering and a graph-theoretic approach to analyze the process of fingerprint comparison to give a feature space representation of minutiae and to produce a lower bound on the number of detectably distinct fingerprints. The method also(More)
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