Mina Shirazi

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BACKGROUND Primary health care physicians (PHCPs) are the first in the clinic to detect and help victims of intimate partner violence (IPV). Therefore, their attitude and practice toward domestic violence (DV) are important to manage this problem. The aim of current study was to compare the behavior and attitude of PHCPs about DV versus other health risk(More)
In spite of the frequency with which acute deceleration in heart rate (HRD) occurs in the healthy preterm infant, its significance is poorly understood. We monitored R-to-R heart rate, impedance respiration, transcutaneous O2 (PtcO2) and CO2 (PtcCO2) and behavioral state for 3 hours in 13 healthy AGA infants between 32-35 weeks gestation at 7 days of age.(More)
Periodic breathing (PB) occurs commonly in ostensibly healthy preterm infants, yet its significance is unknown. To elucidate the effect of PB on oxygenation, we studied 13 AGA 32 wk infants with a mean BW of 1744 gms at a postnatal age of 7 days. Infants in good condition were selected and morbid conditions such as asphyxia at birth were specifically(More)
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