Mina Jovanovic

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We propose a mechanism that leads to efficient acceleration of electrons in plasma by two counterpropagating laser pulses. It is triggered by stochastic motion of electrons when the laser fields exceed some threshold amplitudes, as found in single-electron dynamics. It is further confirmed in particle-in-cell simulations. In vacuum or tenuous plasma,(More)
Removal of heavy metal ions from aqueous solutions using zeolites is widely described by pseudo-second order kinetics although this model may not be valid under all conditions. In this work, we have extended approaches used for derivation of this model in order to develop a novel kinetic model that is related to the ion exchange mechanism underlying(More)
Measurements of three-halves harmonic radiation (3v0/2) produced by femtosecond, Ti:sapphire laser pulses (<2310 W/cm) in long density scale length plasmas generated from solid aluminum targets are presented. The 3v0/2 emission yield shows excellent agreement with theories of the two-plasmon decay instability in the predominantly linear regime. © 2002(More)
A transparent model of two-plasmon decay in a spatially homogeneous or long-scale-length plasma, reproducing the main experimentally observed nonlinear features, is presented. Secondary coupling between the plasma waves and the ion-acoustic waves, including their frequency mismatch, proves to be the principal saturation mechanism of the instability. The(More)
A nonlinear three-wave interaction in an open dissipative plasma model of a stimulated Raman backscattering is studied. An anomalous kinetic dissipation due to electron trapping and plasma wave breaking is accounted for in a hybrid kinetic-fluid scheme. We simulate a finite plasma with open boundaries and vary a transport parameter to examine a route to(More)
This paper presents results of investigation the possibility of replacing the mineral filler with fly ash from power plant “Gacko” in the bituminous aggregate mixture BNS 22A. The most important physical-mechanical properties of bituminous aggregate mixture with fly ash from power plant “Gacko” used as filler were investigated. Based on the results obtained(More)
A simple electrometric method for end-point detection, based on the lack of response of the indicator electrode in the titrated irreversible system has been described. The end-point is reached at the beginning of depolarisation of the electrode, when the equilibrium in the pre-balanced circuit is destroyed, producing an offbalance current.