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Genome research in farm animals will expand our basic knowledge of the genetic control of complex traits, and the results will be applied in the livestock industry to improve meat quality and productivity, as well as to reduce the incidence of disease. A combination of quantitative trait locus mapping and microarray analysis is a useful approach to reduce(More)
We established a database to study germ cells during the early developmental stage in the chicken. The ChickGCE database provides integrated expressed sequence tag (EST) data from chicken testis, ovary, embryonic gonads, and primordial germ cells. We gathered data on 10,294 ESTs from approximately 1000 embryonic gonads, and we experimentally determined(More)
General preferences for music change over time. Moreover, music preferences depend on diverse factors, such as language, people, location, and culture. This dependency should be carefully considered to provide satisfactory music recommendations. Presently, typical music recommendations simply involve providing a list of songs that are then played(More)
A postsynthetic protocol of functionalizing the preformed hollow nanoparticles with metal nanocrystals was developed based on galvanic replacement reaction on the Mn3O4 surface inside the cavity. The developed protocol produced hollow nanoreactor systems, in which a high density of ultrafine catalytic nanocrystals of a range of noble metals, such as Pd, Pt,(More)
For application to ammonia dehydrogenation, novel Ru-based heterogeneous catalysts, Ru-N-C and Ru-C, were synthesized via simple pyrolysis of a mixture of RuCl3·6H2O and carbon black with or without dicyandiamide as a nitrogen-containing precursor at 550 °C. Characterization of the prepared Ru-N-C and Ru-C catalysts via scanning transmission electron(More)
We have prepared photopolymer compositions for holographic data storage system from aromatic diacrylate having fluorine moiety, a hybrid sol-gel, and photoinitiator. The fluorenyl diacrylate monomer was synthesized via nucleophilic substitution reaction of fluorene diphenol with an excess of 2-chloroethoxyethanol, followed by the reaction with acryloyl(More)
Multifunctional catalysts are of great interest in catalysis because their multiple types of catalytic or functional groups can cooperatively promote catalytic transformations better than their constituents do individually. Herein we report a new synthetic route involving the surface functionalization of nanoporous silica with a rationally designed and(More)
World Health Organization has asserted that mental illness is the greatest overriding burden of disease in the majority of developed countries, and that the socioeconomic burden of mental disease will exceed that of cancer and cardiovascular disorders in the future. The life-time prevalence rate for mental disorders in Korea is reported at 27.6 %, which(More)
BACKGROUND Lay beliefs about schizophrenia are an important factor associated with treatment-seeking behavior. AIMS This study was conducted to investigate the lay beliefs about the causes and treatments of schizophrenia in South Korea. METHODS A total of 654 adults (mean age, 35.96 ± 11.33 years) completed two questionnaires assessing their views on(More)
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