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The consistently triggered step back of a target during primary saccades of a human subject induced a gradual change in gain, the ratio of the saccade amplitude to the target eccentricity. After a few hundred trials, subjects were able to foveate the displaced target in a single saccade. Presentation of a displaced target showed that human memory guided(More)
Two shell color types of the exotic bivalve Corbicula fluminea were collected in Kyoto city, Japan. DNA microfluorometry revealed that both types were diploids with non-reductional spermatozoa. Maternal chromosomes were found to be extruded as two polar bodies at the first meiosis, and the second meiosis could not be observed. Only the male pronucleus was(More)
We propose a new pedestrian environment recognition method for pedestrian walk at a comparatively narrow street area. Pedestrian road side solid structures are modelled as pictures put on flat walls. In our approach, we use multiple, movable panels for modelling pedestrian walk space area. We adjust an opaque panel to road side solid structures and a map(More)
In this paper we propose a new method for vehicle position detection at a dark place at night using stereo slit camera and vertical objects. Vertical objects used in this research were fluorescents placed vertically to the earth. The way to detect vehicle position is very simple. At first, we installed two slit cameras on the left side of the vehicle and(More)
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