Min-sun Song

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RNA interference is a powerful mechanism for sequence-specific inhibition of gene expression. It is widely known that small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) targeting the same region of a target-messenger RNA can have widely different efficacies. In efforts to better understand the siRNA features that influence knockdown efficiency, we analyzed siRNA interactions(More)
25/27 Base duplex RNAs that are substrates for Dicer have been demonstrated to enhance RNA interference (RNAi) potency and efficacy. Since the target sites are not always equally susceptible to suppression by small interfering RNA (siRNA), not all 27-mer duplexes that are processed into the corresponding conventional siRNAs show increased potency. Thus(More)
Colon cancer has the third highest incidence and mortality among cancers in the United States. MicroRNA-21 (miR21) has been described as an oncomir that is highly overexpressed in tumor tissue from colorectal cancer. Recent studies showed that silencing of miR21 through use of a miR21 inhibitor (anti-miR21) affected viability, apoptosis and the cell cycle(More)
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