Min-ho Song

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An experiment was conducted to determine how an E. coli challenge and dietary clays affect the intestinal barrier of pigs. Two groups of 32 pigs (initial BW: 6.9 ± 1.0 kg) were distributed in a 2 × 4 factorial arrangement of a randomized complete block design (2 challenge treatments: sham or E. coli, and 4 dietary treatments: control, 0.3% smectite A, 0.3%(More)
A1 Functional advantages of cell-type heterogeneity in neural circuits Tatyana O. Sharpee A2 Mesoscopic modeling of propagating waves in visual cortex Alain Destexhe A3 Dynamics and biomarkers of mental disorders Mitsuo Kawato F1 Precise recruitment of spiking output at theta frequencies requires dendritic h-channels in multi-compartment models of(More)
Localization of mRNA plays a crucial role in a variety of neuronal processes including synaptogenesis, axonal guidance, and long-term plasticity. Recent advances in fluorescence imaging and RNA labeling techniques allow us to visualize how individual mRNA molecules are dynamically regulated inside live neurons and brain tissues. Here, we describe key(More)
This study demonstrates the risk adjusted cumulative sum analysis of an individual surgical learning curve for acute type A aortic dissection surgery. Thirty consecutive patients were operated by a single surgeon for acute type A aortic dissection from April 2001 to March 2008. Operative variables, mortality, and major morbidities were analyzed. The(More)
Exposure of the mitral valve is of critical importance in mitral valve surgery. The mitral valve is located near the interatrial groove. As we accumulated experience and learned from embryology, we found that a more central left atriotomy was advantageous, and was made possible by interatrial groove dissection using an ultrasonic scalpel. This crucial(More)
We sought to investigate the effects of the left internal mammary artery anastomosed to the left anterior descending artery for improving mid-term outcome in patients with severe left ventricular dysfunction. Twenty consecutive coronary artery bypass grafts performed by a single surgeon for less than 35% ejection fraction patients were reviewed(More)
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