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For some purposes, such as benefits, requirement-fitted services and management, enterprises regularly ask customers , employees, and business partner to provide relevance data including sensitive personal information. However, transparent information bring the infringement of privacy and threats of living security to the data providers. Recently,(More)
Cloud storage services bring users a convenient, cross-device and practical application. A great number of users ranging from individuals to large-scale corporates grow and hold on the almighty information to cloud storage services. However, the lack of guaranteeing data security is a mortal defect resulting in the strong mistrust of users. Therefore, we(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the clinical outcome and parameters related to coexisting endometrial carcinoma in women with tissue-diagnosed endometrial hyperplasia. METHODS Between January 1991 and December 2009, three hundred and eighty-six patients with the presumptive diagnosis of endometrial hyperplasia were retrieved. Among these, one hundred and(More)
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