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Measurements of agreement are needed to assess the acceptability of a new or generic process, methodology, and formulation in areas of laboratory performance, instrument or assay validation, method comparisons, statistical process control, goodness of t, and individual bioequivalence. In all of these areas, one needs measurements that capture a large(More)
This paper deals exclusively with crossover designs for the purpose of comparing t test treatments with a control treatment when the number of periods is no larger than t + 1. Among other results it specifies sufficient conditions for a crossover design to be simultaneously A-optimal and MV-optimal in a very large and appealing class of crossover designs.(More)
Peer-to-peer overlay networks are widely used in distributed systems. Based on whether a regular topology is maintained among peers, peer-to-peer networks can be divided into two categories: structured peer- to-peer networks in which peers are connected by a regular topology, and unstructured peer-to-peer networks in which the topology is arbitrary.(More)
Android phones often carry personal information, attracting malicious developers to embed code in Android applications to steal sensitive data. With known techniques in the literature, one may easily determine if sensitive data is being transmitted out of an Android phone. However, transmission of sensitive data in itself does not necessarily indicate(More)
Android platform adopts permissions to protect sensitive resources from untrusted apps. However, after permissions are granted by users at install time, apps could use these permissions (sensitive resources) with no further restrictions. Thus, recent years have witnessed the explosion of undesirable behaviors in Android apps. An important part in the(More)
Although B cells have been shown to possess a regulatory function, microenvironmental factors or cytokines involved in the induction of regulatory B cells remain largely uncharacterized. B cell-activating factor (BAFF), a member of TNF family cytokines, is a key regulator for B cell maturation and function. In this study, we detected significantly increased(More)
With the growing popularity of Android platform, Android application market becomes a major distribution center where Android users download apps. Unlike most of the PC apps, Android apps manipulates personal information such as contract and SMS messages, and leakage of such information may cause great loss to the Android users. Thus, detecting information(More)
Follicular helper T (Tfh) cells are recognized as a distinct CD4(+) helper T-cell subset, which provides for B-cell activation and production of specific antibody responses, and play a critical role in the development of autoimmune disease. So far, only one study investigated the circulating Tfh cells increased in a subset of SLE patients. Since relatively(More)